Short Notes papers are available in a readable form for DSC Europe 2023 participants. Password to access the short notes is available in the DSC 2023 App, in the About section.

Scientific Short Notes

On the visual search of human, drivers: an eye-tracker based study at a driving simulator
CIOFFI, Antonio (Politecnico di Milano); TESTORI, Alessandro; MELZI, Stefano

The effect of different infrastructures on driver response to a crossing pedestrian: a distributed simulation study
YANG, Yue (University of Leeds); LEE, Yee Mun; KALANTARI, Amir Hossein; GARCIA DE PEDRO, Jorge; HOROBBIN, Anthony; DALY, Michael; SOLERNOU, Albert; MARKKULA, Gustav; MERAT, Natasha

Technical adjustments of a bycicle simulator – Impact on simulator sickness, presence and acceptance
MARTINEZ GARCIA, Donaji (German Aerospace Center); GRÖNE, Kilian; JANSSEN, Véronique; JACOBI, Dennis; ACKERMANN, Stefanie; ZHAO, Min; NICOLAY, Eric; BERGEN, Melina; FISCHER, Martin

A Virtual Reality Environement to Develop a Collision Warning System for Police Officers on the Roadway
MOHAMMADI, Ahmad (York University); PARK, Peter Y.; ASGARY, Ali; MUKHERJEE, Abir; LIU, Xia

Reproducing perturbation pulses using a driving simulator for standing bus passenger safety

User-centered evaluation of a motorcycle riding simulator: 2D and VR
PASNICU, Otilia (Politecnico di Milano); MENIG, Angela

Intelligent VR in Driving Simulator
HADADI, Azadeh (Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology, LISPEN, HESAM Université, UBFC – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology); CHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy; LANGOVOY, Mikhail; GUILLET, Christophe; OVTACHAROVA, Jivka

A Virtual Reality Wheelchair Simulator for Realistic Road User Behavior in Driving Simulations
LINDNER, Johannes (Technical University of Munich); Bogenberger, Klaus

Product Solution Short Notes

Using the Unreal game engine for Multi-User-Simulation – First impressions
GRÖNE, Kilian (Institut für Verkehrssystemtechnik); REHM, Michaela; MARTINEZ GARCIA, Donaji; TEMME, Gerald; QUANTE, Laura; ACHILLES, Marvin; FISCHER, Martin

Artificial Intelligence solutions for Time Latency Cancellation for Driving Simulator and Remote Simulator Subsystems Connection
FAINELLO, Marco (Addfor); GIULIACCI, Tiziano Alberto; BALLESIO, Stefano; MINEN, Diego; DE VECCHI, Roberto; FORMAGGIA, Fabio; CARBONATI, Andrea; TRAININI, Daniele

Bay Zoltan’s Driving simulation and Virtual Reality concept
LELKES, Marc (Bay Zoltán); SOOS’ Robert; UNGAR, Peter; SZAVAI, Szabolcs; TUSKE, Tamas; NEMETH, Csabas

A Comparison of HMD and CAVE-Driven Visualization for Hand Interaction in Driving Simulators
KROYS, Alexander (Volkswagen AG); TEKCAN, Cagdas; HARTFIEL, Bert; SCHIMMEL, Timo; ORTMEIER, Frank; STARK, Rainer