Product solutions papers are available in a readable form for DSC Europe 2023 participants. Password to access the product solutions is available in the DSC 2023 App, in the About section.

Virtual Reality

Study of HMD tracking Systems Accuracy Applied to Short Head Displacements
DROUET, Thomas (Renault); CHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy; POSSELT, Javier; REGNIER, Stephane


Traffic simulation with human in the loop: roundabout scenario with reinforcement learning, edge computing and 5G connection
MASTINU, Giampiero (DriSMi Driving Simulator); PREVIATI, Giorgio; CAMPI, Elena; GOBBI, Massimiliano

A Virtual Testbed for Detecting Feature Interactions in ADAS/AD Function Design
BACHOREK, Adam (Fraunhofer IESE); MIRONOV, Irina; MEILER, Martin

Introducing the COMPACT Full Spectrum Simulator (FSS): A Real-Time, Driver-in-the-Loop Simulator for Accurate and Cost-Effective Virtual Prototype Evaluations (short)
ADRIANO, Giorgio (VI-grade); BOGEMA, Dave; MINEN Diego

Digital twin for synthetic data generation – application for automated driving systems
FORRAI, Alexandru (Siemens Industry Software Netherlands B.V.); HOTAIT, Hassan

Tagging scenarios with custom metadata whilst retaining scenario exchangeability
ZHANG, Xizhe (University of Warwick); FREEMAN, Mike; KHASTGIR, Siddartha; JENNINGS, Paul

Language Agnostic Automatic Scenario Tagging in ASAM OpenLABEL
BRUTO DA COSTA, Antonio Anastasio (University of Warwick); IRVINE, Patrick Thomas; KHASTGIR, Siddartha; JENNINGS, Paul

Holistic simulation and validation eco-system for testing of autonomous driving functions
PEPERHOWE, Michael (dSPACE); KRUMM, Holger

ADAS Testing with RoadRunner Scenario
FRANCOIS, Maxime (MathWorks); VALENTE, Michelle; MILIA, Luigi

ODD Standards for AD/ADAS virtual testing
MOHELLEBI, Hakim (Renault); ARNOUX, Emmanuel; VAILLANT, Eric; REGNIER, Stéphane; KEMENY, Andras 

Sim Design

Real-Time 3-D Tire Modeling with FTire: Enhancing Vehicle Performance Predictions on a Hexapod Office Simulator Using CarMaker
RIEFF, Benjamin (Cosin scientific software)

Employing real-time multibody simulation in driving dynamics development
VENROOIJ, Joost (BMW AG); RATH, Lucas; SCHULTZE, Andreas; L’ERARIO, Maurizio

Configurable gear shifter for HGV using haptic rendering, force fields and FSM

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Digital Twin – Generation and Variation in Reinforcement Learning
KUSSMAUL, Stephane (TrianGraphics GmbH); MORITZ, Sebastian

Data synthetization for verification and validation of Machine Learning based systems
EBADITAVALLAEI, Hamid (Infotiv); ROSELL, Joakim; BUI, Thanh; MARSIK, Lukáš; JENSEN, Jack; KARSBERG, Martin

Driver-in-Loop Simulation

AIC’s Virtual Development Center: Human-Machine Interface design in driver in-the-loop simulations
DE LA FUENTE, Victor (AIC – Automotive Intelligence Center);ROJO, Ander; NAVARRO, Guillermo; LANDUBURU, Mikel

A Virtual Human Centred Design platform to support immersive experiences of future Automated Vehicles
BORNARD, Jean-Charles (Université Gustave Eiffel, ESI Group); BELLET, Thierry; RICHARD, Bertrand; TOFFETTI, Antonella; BALOCCO, Elena; MATEO MARTINEZ, Begoña; PALOMARES, Nicolas; PERIAGO, Cristina; JACKSON, James

Driver-in-Loop Virtual Reality

Prototype the UX of Your Future Automotive Cockpit

Ika’s highly Dynamic Driving Simulator (short)
WAGENER, Nicolas (RWTH Aachen University); RUSS, Fabian; BECKMANN, Jobst; LEGRAN, Philipp; ECKSTEIN, Lutz