Full Scientific Papers

Full Scientific Papers selected for the Driving Simulation Proceedings Journal are available on the journal website.

Prediction of Vehicle Motion Signals for Motion Simulators Using a Multivariate CNN-LSTM Model

ABDULRAQEB, Shehab Rawhan Adulsameea (Deakin University); ASADI, Houshyar; QAZANI, Mohamed Reza Chalak; MOHAMMED, Shady; NAHVANDI, Saied

Short Scientific Papers

Evaluation of Training for Passengers’ Interaction with an Automated Bus Docking at a Bus Stop – a Virtual Reality Study

WEIDEL, My (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute); SJÖRS DAHLMAN, ANNA; ANUND, Anna

Parameterization and Validation of a Steering Wheel Torque Model

RUSS, Fabian (Institute for Automotive Enginnering (IKA) RWTH Aachen University); LEGRAN, Philipp; REIFFERS, Joe; WAGENER, Nicolas; ECKSTEIN, Lutz

Motion Cueing Algorithm for Effective Motion Perception: A frequency splitting MPC approach

JAIN, Vishrut (Technical University of Delft); LAZCANO, Andrea; HAPPEE, Riender; SHYROKAU, Barys

Development and testing of an ACC system using a dynamic driving simulator with multi-drivers

ASPERTI, Michele (Politecnico di Milano), FRANCESCONI, Alessandro; SABBIONI, Edoardo